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Myths, Legends and Stories in Visual Language

21 August 2022 – 25 September 2022

Have you heard the tale of The Handless Maiden, the woman who lost her hands, that her beloved King replaced with beautiful ones made of silver, that were then once more replaced by the eventual growth of her own hands when left to herself?


Have you heard of Skeleton Woman, the woman who had been thrown into the sea by her father; whose skeleton was inadvertently caught by a fisherman, tangled in his netting; who eventually returned to the flesh of her womanhood from the care she was given?

  • You will be choosing a story/legend because you are intrigued by it;


  • relate to it in your own way, choosing to expand or to recreate parts of the narratives that speak to you;


  • explore works-on-paper techniques and methods;


  • and one-on-one sessions relating to your work’s progress.

hand and statue 1 72dpi 2.jpg



SESSIONS             21 August 2022,  11am - 3.30pm

                                4 September 2022,  11am - 2.30pm


                               25 September 2022,  11am - 3.30pm

PLACE:                   Gali’s Studio

                               Cottles Bridge, Melbourne


COST                      $320



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